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    Fashion is your own style that you create
    with what you feel comfortable and happy with wearing.

    Fashion doesn’t have an age limit, a specific size
    neither does it have to have an expensive price tag.
    Be your own style as that’s when you’ll 
    truly be happy ♡


    With summer coming to an end and clothing stores starting to replace summer clothing with their new Autumn/Winter range I thought I would write a little post on what you should be expecting to see in high street stores and online as the new AW18 collection comes in.
    Before you read any further I want you to know I’m in no way fashion savvy, I’m a mumma of five boys who runs out of the house five mornings a week to do school drop offs and more often than not rocks up to a playgroup with a toddler on my hip trying to push a pram one-handed, whilst trying to make myself look somewhat put together. I am a great believer though that if you feel comfortable and happy in the clothes you are wearing it can make a big difference to your mood and your day.

    Animal print seems to be a big thing this Autumn with anything from leopard to zebra print, but if you’re not a big fan on wearing a complete outfit or even a top with the print on I have noticed a few high street stores are starting to stock accessories with animal print on. Joues have stocked leather Chelsea boots with leopard print on for a few sessions (not exactly sure for how long) as I was lusting over them last Autumn. I have also come across a dress in Marks and Spencer which I’m in love with, for me it’s just the right length and paired with a white pair of flatform trainers it’s perfect for the everyday school mum on the run or some heels for evening drinks with friends…if I worked in an office I would definitely be wearing this, god I would even turn up to playgroup in it!

    Leather is in again this AW18 and my faux leather jacket was without question something I was loving wearing last year and can’t wait for the weather to cool down to be able to wear it again (in Gibraltar it’s still a tad too warm).
    Already I have seen faux leather skirts, jackets and trousers in Primark as well as other high street stores. River Island have quite a few trousers on their webpage with Molly Skinny fit already in my basket.
    New Look have an array of faux leather skirts from pencil to mini and it doesn’t have to be black either- with around six different colours to choose from.


    This Summer we saw a lot of logo/slogan tee’s in high street stores and this Autumn isn’t going to be any different from jumpers, belts and even shoes having logos on them.
    I have quite a collection of slogan tee’s in my draw as they just seem to go with everything, most of mine are from Primark and New Look but Top Shop and River Island have had some really nice ones in store recently.


    Silver sparkles is meant to be in this AW18 which has always been a go to for me over the Christmas and  New Year period, I have to admit I have a love for anything with lots of sparkles and by the looks of it there is certainly quite a bit not only in high street stores but online.
    If you’re not a big fan of silver clothing remember its all about being your own style and if it’s not going to be something your going to feel comfortable in wearing then don’t push yourself to wear it.

    Pleats is equally something that is meant to be in this Autumn however saying that I saw quite a few pleated wide leg trousers in high street stores in the summer so maybe it’s just carrying on to AW?
    I have read they are to be worn with chunky knitted jumpers and nothing delicate also a chunky sole shoe rather than stilettos, which suits my mornings at playgroup perfectly! but that’s a personal style preference and you should go for what you feel happy with wearing.

    Layering up was something spotted on the catwalk and over sized coats, for me though it’s not something I will be trying to pull of this year as with running after children it can work up a sweat as it is without having extra layers on. Something I am a fan of though is oversized knitted jumpers I quite like the look of the front of the jumper tucked into a pair of jeans.
    Might not be in fashion but definitely my style!

    There is so much that’s come in this year and quite a few pieces which are 80’s inspired.
    Have the 80’s ever completely left us?
    Tweed, poker dots, capes, blanket coats, all the above as well as much more there is something for everyone this AW18.

    Whats going to be your style this Autumn/Winter 2018?




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