When I did my July favourites my plan was every month to sit down and tell you my new favourites for that month, time has gone by so fast though and I kinda knew I would probably miss out on my August favourites due to being in the UK and solo parenting five little ones but I honestly don’t know where the month of September disappeared too but I also missed that month out also!

    Over the last, lets say 2 months as there is only a week and a half left of October I have added quite a few new items to my wardrobe so thought I would share it with you or else another month will fly by and I will have missed writing down my October favourites alike.

    All my favourites this month are items I’ve added to my wardrobe as with the weather changing from Summer to Winter my wardrobe was seriously lacking in warmer clothes.
    So here’s a few items im loving this month! (excuse the non ironed clothes)

    Tee- Newlook
    Trousers- Stradivarius (these are a perfect length for me stopping just above the ankle)
    knitter jumper- Zara
    Shoes- Converse chuck 70 classic
    Watch- Fitbit Versa
    Perfume- Zara white

    Tee- Zara
    Black jeans- Marks&Spencer
    Cardigan- H&M
    Watch- Fitbit Versa
    Shoes- Converse chuck 70 classic
    Perfume- Zara white

    Knitted jumper- Zara
    Skirt- Stradivarius
    Shoes- Converse chuck 70 classic

    Cardigan- H&M
    Shoes- Pull and Bear


    If you haven’t been into H&M recently you won’t have seen their new collection from Morris & Co, who is a British wallpaper and fabrics brand. The whole collection is gorgeous and I’m captivated by the whole collection, the patterns are exquisite and I’ve found can be worn to any occasion.
    So if like me and you love this print I wouldn’t wait to pop in store or online as their stock is running out rather quickly.

    What pieces have you added to your Winter wardrobe?





    With my youngest having just turned two potty training is something hubby and myself have recently been talking about, yep we are that couple that sit whilst the boys are in bed talking about well… the boys and yes potty training was the subject that evening. So I thought this was a fab opportunity to share with you a few tips I’ve picked up along the way from potty training my other boys. Read more



    I don’t even know where the summer has gone!
    We have been incredibly lucky with all the good weather we have had; whilst in the U.K we got to enjoy the heat wave and since we’ve been back home in Gibraltar the weather has definitely been toasty warm.
    With the summer holidays though coming to an end and Oliver starting Reception (FS2) in just a few short days I thought I would share with you a few tips I have picked up over the years with having three other children already in school. Read more


    July Favourites

    I don’t know how we are already in July! This month is going to be a busy one, with myself and the children going back to the UK for 6 weeks meaning there is a lots of packing,
    organising the house and making sure we have everything we will need for traveling. Read more


    Toddler Beach Essentials

    Stock up on sunscreen – summer is nearly here!

    Whether your going on holiday or staying locally, going to a beach when the days are warm with a toddler is a very different experience than taking a baby – with toddlers having different requirements! So with that in mind here are a few essentials you might want to consider adding to your suitcase if going on holiday or taking with you on your beach trip if staying locally. Read more