KIDLO Maths and English App REVIEW

When it comes to iPads or similar devices screen time can be a difficult subject to talk about with every parent having their own views on what is a suitable length of time for a child to have or if they should even have any at all.
When I was in infant school the teacher did everything on a chalk board as time has gone on though most classrooms have Smart Interactive Boards and at least one computer in each classroom…
How times have changed over the last 20 odd years!

With our children growing up in the digital era with iPad’s, mobiles, computers and the digital list can go on quite a bit its hard for them not to be curious as to what these devices are.

I love the digital age of which we live in with the ease of learning at our finger tips so I’m always on the look out for educational apps which the boys can play whilst learning at the same time, as we all know that children’s brains soak up information like a sponge.

I’m a mum to five boys with the eldest being 12, the youngest 20 months with a 9, 6 and 4-year-old in-between who are all very much aware of all these different devices, not so much the 20 month old but he does see his older brothers and is inquisitive as to what they are doing which is only natural.
When it comes to screen time I try not to feel too guilty about allowing the children time on their iPad’s as most of our days are spent either at a park or taking part in one of the many after-school activities, however when you have more than one child and not all of them can take part in said activity it leaves some of them bored for at least an hour which then an iPad or my phone can come in handy when you have run out of everything else that you could squeeze into the bag you’ve taken out with you for the day.

Disclosure – I was very Kindly contacted by the Kidlo team and offered a free subscription to their English and Maths app for an honest review.

So what is Kidlo?
Kidlo Maths and English, are learning apps filled with fun games to keep little minds busy with the Kidlo Maths App recently winning the 2018 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award.

Kidlo Maths App has 180+ games to help your child learn numbers, counting, addition, subtracting, sorting and so much more with exciting games and interactive songs making learning fun with bright colours and fun characters allowing your child to learn whilst having fun.

pop the number balloons
count the candies






Kidlo English App has 600+ songs, games, activities and stories aimed at children from 2 to 5 years introducing ABC’s and first words including learn to write by tracing upper and lower case letters as well as learn to read with 40+ stories for early readers; with all the content based on the curriculum recommended by educators, experts and teachers worldwide.

Learn to write lowercase letters
Learn to read





So what do we think of the App? 

Kallum and Oliver have been playing and working their way around both the English and Maths Kidlo apps now for just over 3 weeks and they have been a massive hit, with them both enjoying all of the different educational games the app has to offer.

The bright colours and the characters are something that Oliver enjoys the most and the app comes in very handy when the older boys have football matches which means Oliver can be sat for up to an hour, so for me allowing him to have my phone knowing he is learning through playing the Kidlo educational games means I don’t feel guilty for allowing extra screen time, as the boys are also allowed a little screen time at home.

Kallum on the other hand is really enjoying the Learn to read stories as you can choose to ‘Read yourself’ or ‘Read for me’ he is choosing the ‘Read for me’;
As its being read the words light up in white so he is learning word recognition whilst trying to read it himself and im sure in no time he will be choosing the option to ‘Read myself’.
Kallum is really enjoying the App and he is learning so much from them, I love watching whilst he is playing seeing his proud smile on his face is heartwarming, as each time he plays it he is getting quicker and quicker at solving the sorting and learn to spell games.

Jasper is also joining in the fun and even though a few of the Kidlo games are slightly too old for him he is still enjoying the songs, surprise numbers and pop the shape bubbles.

Pop the shape bubbles
Songs – number six






One of the many great things about both of these apps is once you have downloaded the games within the app you don’t have to be connected to the internet to play any of them allowing you freedom to take the app along on days out or whilst traveling when WIFI might not be available and there is none of those annoying pop up advertisements which little fingers always seem to press which then takes you to another page causing your child to get frustrated whilst you’re trying to exit the advertisement and then having to reload the app again.

I definitely recommend both of these apps if you are looking for educational fun games to help your children learn through fun on a digital device.

Below I have included a direct link to the Apple App Store so if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod you can go directly there and preview the App,  you can also purchase a free version which doesn’t give you access to all there great games but you can get a little taster of how great the App is

Kidlo English App: English Learning For Kids

Kidlo Math App: Preschool Math Games For Kids


If you haven’t got an Apple device you can also purchase other Kidlo games from Google Play and Amazon appstore, if you click on the link below it will take you directly to the Kidlo website so you can view more exciting apps that Kidlo offer





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