Things to do with your little monsters this Halloween

With only a week to go until All Hallows Eve when children with adults in tow go from door to door trick-or-treating, dressed in scary outfits holding a bucket or bag in their hands waiting for a treat.

We all know how to do the part of trick-or-treating but I often struggle on things to do with the children on the lead up to Halloween.
So if you have decided this year not to take your little ones out or indeed you are going out here is a few things I have found to amuse your little monsters on the lead up to All Hallows Eve.

I’ve separated all my top things to do into categories and have pinned everything to Pinterest under Halloween so you can check out ingredients or step-to-step instructions on how to make those spooky decorations.

Baking and Food:
1. Spider cupcakes using Oreo biscuits- these look delicious and simple to make with the recipe offering a grain/gluten-free option.
2. Spider cookies- you don’t need to be an artist to make these, they look really simple to make but look so effective.
3. Fruit monsters- not only are they are a healthy option but they look amazing and would look great on any party table.
4. Hot dog fingers- I did try these last year and the children absolutely loved them they were a real winner on the party food table.
5. Gingerbread vampire men- these look super effective and delicious. Really simple to make especially if you don’t have time to bake as you can buy store made and then just decorate.
6. Hot dog mummies- I will be defiantly be trying these out this year, they look really tasty.
7. Spooky brownies with marshmallow ghosts- think these will go down a treat with the mummy’s at playgroup!
8. Carrot “pumpkins”- is carrot shaped pumpkins so would look great as decoration around sandwiches or in spaghetti bolognese.
9. Jelly worms- these look good but I’m not sure if my children would actually eat them! As they do look a little gross.
10. Frozen ‘Boo’ nana pops- guaranteed my little-uns would love these, I am wondering though if I could use yogurt and freeze them rather than white chocolate.

1. Halloween glow stick balloons- this is such a simple decoration but looks so effective a glow stick inside a balloon which has a scary face drawn on it.
2. Glass food jar mummy tea light (mason jars)- a really cheap and easy to do decoration.
3. Insect hand soap, this looks amazing some cheap plastic bugs popped into you hand soap will make any child want to wash their hands.
4. Tin can bowling- can be used as decoration or as a bowling game. Don’t forget to use acrylic paints for the tin though!
5. Spider bowls- black cardboard/plastic bowls with 8 straws as spider legs attached (4 on each side) will scare up any party table.
6. Spinning ghosts- all you need is some A3 paper and some scissors for this simple decoration.
7. Ghost tin windsock- this might take time finding a large tin unless you know a painter decorator but if in luck this looks like a really cool outside decoration.
8. Hanging foam bats- that can be put up inside or outdoors. I would try making a template out of paper first though before cutting out the foam.
9. Ghost garland- I’ve made one of these before for playgroup and even though it takes time it looks so effective and isn’t difficult so even an older child can help out making it.
10. Paper plate black cat- would look great on the front door and as above an older child can make this decoration.

Arts and crafts
1. Egg cartoon bats- im actually really excited about making these with the boys.
2. Leaf ghosts- now autumn is here there are plenty of leaves around especially in the basket under my pram so I know the boys are going to love making these.
3. Foot print ghosts- are really cute and such a lovely keep sake that can be kept on the wall. Maybe try to find some black canvas and have a family of ghosts which can be hung all year round.
4. Hand print spider- there’s something about paint and children hands it seems to be an automatic thing for them to do hand prints….Itsy bitsy spider handprints.
5. Toilet paper roll tube monsters- even toddlers will find making these monsters fun with google eyes and pipe cleaner arms.
6. Paper plate Halloween characters- look like the perfect craft to keep older children occupied that don’t want to be doing itsy bitsy spider.
7. Paper plate spiders- is a good craft for toddlers as well as older children to enjoy making over the Halloween period.
8. Rainbow paper roll tube bats- as the above craft this is another one that is great for all ages.
9. Fingerprint bat silhouette- again paint and childrens hands/fingers just seem to be automatic so I just know this craft is going to be a winner with all the boys.
10. Pasta necklaces- the pin I’ve saved on Pinterest isn’t exactly Halloween inspired but you can always paint the pasta black, white, orange or any other colour that would go with your costume. If you have a craft shop near by, you could always get some glow in the dark paint so when trick-or-treating in the evening your necklace will glow in the dark.

Another thing I have seen which I think is a great idea for babies from 6 months is a googly eye sensory bag all you need is a zip lock bag, some googly eyes and water. This looks like great fun for little hands but I would advise not putting too much water in the zip lock bag and also for added security against spillage to go over the top of the bag with sellotape.



(photos not from this year)


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