Our mini family holiday to Portugal | YouTube Video included

Portugal so far is one of my favourite places to go away on holiday with its quaint villages and views which are picture-perfect that you can’t help but reach for your camera to capture the scenes.

Last weekend we packed up the car and made the 5 hour journey with all five boys from Gibraltar to Portugal with a stop off in Seville to stretch our legs and have a bite to eat.
It was a last-minute booking and wasn’t actually booked until that morning through but sometimes impulse holidays are the best holidays.

Going away as a family of 7 can sometimes be somewhat daunting especially when its in a different country and you’re not staying within a hotel complex, but booking through the website was hassle free and instant; the communication throughout our stay with the owner of the apartment was amazing and I cannot fault the apartment we stayed in.

We were away for 5 days however 2 of those days were spent traveling so we ended up only having 3 full days in Portugal which was far to short and unfortunately we didn’t manage to travel around to most of the sites we would have like to visit but what we did manage to see of Portugal was just short of amazing. Some of the days were slightly chilly but the boys still enjoyed the outdoor pool and the children’s park area which was within the apartment complex.

So where did we stay in Portugal?
We have only ever been to Portugal once before and that time we did stay in a hotel which had so much to offer we didn’t actually leave much to view any of the sights, so when it came down to booking where we were staying we didn’t have much of a clue what was around the area but knew we wanted to be around the area of Albufeira so stayed in a place just above called Loule as it was far cheaper than staying in the more touristy area of Albuferia and because we had our car this wasn’t a problem for us, however it was a little disappointing we couldn’t just go out for a walk in the evening to grab a coffee as everything was to far away to walk meaning we relied on the car for everything we did unless it was the pool or the children’s park area.

Loule its self was a lovely place although it was on the quite side it was only a very short drive to Vilamoura Marina which was full of restaurants and different things to see including a lovely stretch of beach which also had quite a few restaurants.
We didn’t see much of the Marina but did spend some time on the beach with the boys, unfortunately the weather wasn’t as warm as we hoped so the boys just played in the sand as we walked the stretch of the beach.

When we ventured to the town Albufeira there was so much going on and was full of things to see and all the children loved walking around the narrow old-fashioned streets which were so pretty and full of blooming flowers.

Albufeira also has a beach and the boys thought is was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed going down the escalators to get to it.
It is very touristy with a surprising amount of English people there but the atmosphere and the local cuisine meant you still felt like you were in a different country rather than a village in the U.K.

Next on our list of places to go was Lisbon Oceanarium, Jasper has never been to one before and from a quick google search this one was highly rated so we were really excited to take the boys there and even though it was a fair drive from Loule, 2 hours and 20 minutes we had a great day out.
The aquarium holds over 8,000 sea creatures and the boys loved seeing all the different species as well as it being educational with a lot of information on environmental responsibility.

The only thing I can complain about though is the tolls from Loule to Lisbon, they were extremely expensive €37 which is around £32.50 each way but cut the journey by an hour and thirty minutes which is debatable as to if we would have spent that much in petrol.

On our last full day in Portugal we went to a place called Silves which was a gorgeous town with a  Cathedral and Castle, which if your ever in Portugal I would defiantly recommend visiting.
The boys loved the Castle grounds and is beautifully kept with loads of flowers and has a cafe, however we had already decided to go to a coffee shop just outside of the Castle grounds.

I haven’t gone into too much detail as I have included a YouTube video of our last few days in Portugal.
I’ve never picked up a camera before and recorded our day to share with others so it took a little getting used to….who knew talking into a camera could be so difficult!
So please bare-in-mind I’m not a professional but never the less I hope you enjoy our little memories 🙂

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  1. This brilliant a wonderful way of being able to look back on a lovely holiday with our lovely little family.
    Very well written and for a first attempt at vlogging you have done an amazing job.
    Well done Xxxxx

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