With the boys on the October midterm and it also being my birthday Paul suggested we take the opportunity to have a little family getaway due to him having already booked a few days off of work.
Seville was on the top of our list as it’s a place we have both wanted to go for a while now and its only a short drive from Gibraltar, well short in the sense of about 2 hours 40 minutes.
Paul really quickly found an apartment on close to the centre and within walking distance to everything we were planning to do.
We only tend to stay in apartments as with the five boys it makes it so much easier as we have cooking facilities plus we have so much more room than what we would have in a hotel room.

After a quick google search on Seville and reading all the reviews and things to do, we knew the boys would enjoy it just as much as we would; and we definitely weren’t disappointed with our choice of place to visit.

With only 3 nights/4 days we had a lot to squeeze in to our stay especially with five boys in tow.

After arriving on our first day we decided to go straight out after dropping our bags off at the apartment and tick the first place off of our list which was the Parque de Maria LuÍsa which looks like something out of a fairy tale with the only transport within the park being horse and carriage or bicycle if you want to rent one.
Within the park you have the Plaza de España which has an impressive fountain, behind this you have 4 bridges with a river running underneath which connects you to a large half circle of buildings and an array of tiled alcoves with benches representing a different province of Spain. The boys had so much fun here as there is so much to be seen, Josh was amazed with being there as he is a huge Star Wars fan and the building was used in one of the Star Wars movie’s (episode II- Attack of the clone’s)

Our second day didn’t go quite as expected as we woke early in the morning to heavy rainfall nevertheless we got ready and headed out, not wanting the rain to hold us back.
The plan was to visit the Real Alcàzar de Sevilla but we took our time getting there stopping off at Dunkin Coffee as the rain was hitting down rather hard, by the time we got there the queue was massive and not something we wanted to wait in with five kiddies so instead decided to go to La Encarnación square where you can find Metropol Parasol which is claimed to be the largest wooded structure in the world.
After searching quite a while for the entrance, which as far as we could see wasn’t signed in any way we ended up finding it only after asking a local passer-by.
At €3 each for over 6’s we got to enjoy the walk to the top and spectacular views of the city below; it also entitled us to a free drink in the cafe and a postcard each!

the lift inside the Metropol Parasol

The architecture of the buildings and cobbled pathways are just beautiful, meaning on every walk you get to see something new making everyday out enjoyable. 

Our last full day fell on Hallowe’en and we saw more rainfall, but it didn’t stop us from taking a walk through the town which has all your high street shops including H&M, Zara plus Pull and Bear to name a few.
If you’re a Starbucks fan you won’t be disappointed as there is plenty to choose from, oh and there is also a Hard Rock Cafe!
The boys were intrigued with the “train” (tram) which runs through the main street and even though it was busy it wasn’t overwhelmingly busy, we’ve been to London with the boys and it wasn’t even as closely busy as there.
We headed back to the apartment for dinner as we did on the previous days but this time a little earlier as Paul had booked tickets for Isla Magica which is a Spanish theme park and due to it being All Hallows’ Eve it was Hallowe’en themed which was a massive treat for the boys as normally we do door to door trick or treating, they have never been to something like this before on Hallowe’en. The boys had an incredible time the only thing which was a little disappointing as due to it being winter it was already dark by 7ish and the park wasn’t very well-lit up meaning you couldn’t fully enjoy it, apart from that the shows were amazing and the boys enjoyed the rides.

Our last day, we made sure to pack up rather quickly in the morning despite the fact checkout wasn’t until 11 o’clock as we wanted to visit the Real Alcázar de Sevilla (palace) but every time we had walked passed it the queues were humongous so the plan was to get there early and hopefully not have to join the queues we had been seeing; however this wasn’t the case unfortunately and the queuing time was over 2 hours! Meaning it was definitely out of the question.
Instead we headed back to the Maria LuÍsa Park and rented a bicycle which the boys absolutely loved and I would be lying if I said I didn’t too. We got to see the whole way round the park which is surprisingly really big and even found a coffee shop which we didn’t see on our first visit.
After visiting the park it was time for one last treat- The Hard Rock Cafe -if you’ve never been to a Hard Rock Cafe for something to eat you honestly don’t know what you’re missing out on, none of us have ever left disappointed with our meal choice.
Fortunately on our walk back through the main town we noticed the queues for Seville Cathedral and the Giralda Tower weren’t very long. Let me just say….Oh My Gosh!!! I have never seen a Cathedral like it, listed as the third largest Cathedral in the world it certainly isn’t small inside and has 80 chapels within the Cathedral itself.
The Giralda Tower once you have walked up all 35 steep ramps has the most beautiful views over the city and I’m so glad we got to see the views.


All in all our time spent in Seville is something we will always remember.
Do I recommend taking children there? – Absolutely, the boys enjoyed every minute of the city as much as we did. The locals are very friendly and most places speak English making it easy for the children to also communicate. We felt very safe when out and about even when it was dark and never had any problems.



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