A Sunday at Estepona promenade

How can it be the weekend already again?     The days are just flying by, I wanted to get this blog post written up and posted on Sunday evening but with one thing and
another the days have just muddled into one and even though I knew that it’s Friday today, it’s actually just dawned on me that already its the weekend again.
On a Friday I always try to make time to plan out what are our weekends are going to entail so we don’t end up sitting around, last-minute trying to come up with things to occupy the boys outside of the house as generally during the week we come straight home after school as there is always one out of five boys who has an after school activity and on the rare days that something is cancelled, its nice to be able to all sit down as a family and watch a movie or just spend quality time playing with playmobil rather than getting changed out of school uniform to go to the park or somewhere similar.

Last Friday we planned to go to Estepona with the boys on the Sunday as there is a long promenade along the sea front with so much going on and is perfect for the boys to get rid of some energy.

We were so lucky and couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to go; as we left Gibraltar to head into Spain the sun was shining and for once everyone was in a really good mood. The boys scooters were in the car boot and I had done a mini picnic lunch for us to all enjoy whilst we were there.
The promenade was packed full of other people enjoying the sunshine and it felt so relaxing to be walking along with the beach just there, the boys scooting along and listening to all the buskers along the main strip.

There is also a string of parks along the main strip of the promenade perfect for toddlers and older children to enjoy and my boys absolutely loved running around the park making up imaginary games.

Josh and Owain packed some Nurf guns for all of them to take with them and im so glad they did as they had so much fun running around the park playing cops and robbers, hide-and-seek and all the other games they made up to play that day.











Kallum also enjoyed playing with his brothers and the Nurf guns, often what happens when we go to a park locally is he gets left out from the games his older brothers are playing and being “too old” in his eyes to playing “baby” games with the younger two he often goes off and makes friends with other children in the park but on this particular day Josh, Owain and Kallum played so nicely together; it was one of those moments that you can’t help but smile and just stand watching how well they actually get on with each other.

Oliver is my little monkey and he is such a natural at climbing anything and everything, he just enjoys the freedom of being able to climb and run around the park. At the moment he doesn’t seem to mind if the older boys don’t include him in their games as he is happy just doing his own thing having either Paul or myself running around after him incase he nearly falls from something that is far to high for him to be climbing.
Oliver is still at an age where he doesn’t see the danger in the things he climbs and has no fear of what could happen if he was to fall.

I find it really hard to believe that Jasper is only 17 months, he so much more advanced than the other boys were at the same age.
Already he has mastered scooting on his scooter at some speed making me have to get quite a jog on just to be able to keep up with him.
Jasper is very much the same as Oliver with having absolutely no fear and is very much a daredevil when it comes to climbing but still needs a lot of help whilst walking along things that are on a raised level as he hasn’t quite mastered the art of balancing yet; he really enjoyed trying to keep up with the older ones though and even managed to work out how to shot the Nurf gun if someone loaded it for him.

I’m going to put my hands up as I am one of those people who can feel a little down when its cold and wet outside especially if I haven’t planned something to do, which in turn gets me in quite a grumpy mood hence why every Friday I check the weather forecast for the weekend to make sure I plan things to do weather depending, but we always do something.

I often find it really hard to find something to do which is suitable for all of their ages, with the oldest about to turn 12 and the youngest only being 17 months it can be hard to keep all the boys happy at the same time but we had such a wonderful family day out at Estepona promenade, I’m defiantly not leaving it so long before going again especially with the warmer weather on its way.


Thanks for reading x

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