Christmas is just around the corner.

I can’t quite believe how quick this year has gone, it’s actually quite scary to think about!
For me Christmas is a really special time of the year and with having five children I like to plan days out, crafts and in general take note of dates of events which are taking place in December.
December can very quickly turn into a very manic month with so much going on and having to remember to do so many things; I can often forget about a Christmas event that I’m wanting to take the children to so for this reason having everything stored on the planner on my phone and on a printed calendar on the front-door is the way we remember all the events going on meaning we don’t miss out on anything plus it also means the children can mark off the days till Christmas and get excited about the upcoming events that we have planned.

*If you’re wondering why the front-door?! I’ve tried in the past putting things on the fridge but it’s not somewhere I remember to look and notes don’t stand out to me there however I have to look at the front door when leaving the house so I never miss any notes I stick on there. I just stick a little sellotape on the note and stick it to the front door*

One of the first things I do is pop on the events section on Facebook, I find this really handy as you can select to see things going on nearby or you can enter into the search area a place you are visiting, additionally if friends are interested in events these will also show up in the events section.
You can then select to add any events your interested in straight to your phone planner meaning you can easily add events quickly.

Along with organised events we like to plan our own things to do with the children like forest walks, ice-skating, a movie evening and going out on an evening to enjoy a hot chocolate whilst looking at the Christmas lights.
Getting all of this written down on paper and on my phone means we can look forward to the days running up to the “big day” without missing out on anything.

Next on my list to get written down and on to my phone planner is the children’s school Christmas party (I don’t want to forget and send them in school uniform), hubby’s work Christmas party, the children’s Christmas party at hubby’s work; oh and not forgetting Christmas jumper day!
With four boys at school and going to three different school’s each with their own dates for parties it’s a must to have it all noted down.

Another great thing to do is a Christmas bucket list ♡
I find it builds the excitement on the lead up to Christmas Day and gives us all things to look forward to.

Our Christmas Bucket list:

  • Watch a Christmas light switch on
  • Write and send Christmas letter to Santa
  • Make Christmas ornaments
  • Family Christmas movie with hot chocolate (we always watch the polar express on Xmas eve)
  • Ice-skating
  • Go to a Christmas market
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Dress the boys up in Christmas jumpers plus hats and take cute pictures
  • Decorate a gingerbread house
  • Download Christmas music
  • Visit a Santa
  • Pick out a Christmas tree and decorate
  • Attend a Christmas mass (Christingle)
  • Enjoy “Elf on the shelf mischief”
  • Purchase and read the book t’was the night before Christmas
  • Go for an evening walk and buy roasted chestnuts from the man at the side of the street
  • Go shopping for Reindeer food (carrots) and mince-pie for Santa. Last year like every year we would put a small glass of port out for Santa until one of the boys told us that Santa shouldn’t drink and drive!! Milk it is this year
  • Go on a woodland walk and collect pine cones

Last year we ate Christmas dinner out for the first time with family and some of our friends also choose to do the same thing in the same place as us which was really nice, I can honestly say it was the best thing we choose to do. This year we have chosen to do the same and we are having Christmas dinner on board the Sunborn (a floating hotel, Gibraltar) therefore I’m not having to put together a shopping list as we aren’t entertaining any guests this year.

Along with the normal Christmas present shopping I also shop for things for the boys Christmas Eve boxes as its something we do every year and a really lovely tradition we like to do for them.

Most of the things I have on my list aren’t things I need to purchase as I already have them but ive included everything that we will be putting together in the boys Christmas Eve boxes this year.

Christmas Eve boxes

  • New Jammies each
  • A Christmas stocking each
  • Christmas movie (The Polar Bear Express, we watch this every Xmas eve)
  • A little gift each from Elf on the shelf
  • Plate for Santa’s treats
  • Sachet of hot chocolate each
  • packet of small marshmallows

And that’s it, that’s how I’m planning the run up to Christmas Day.
Do you do any of the above? Or maybe you do something I haven’t added, let me know in the comments I would love to know any traditions you do or anything your family does on the run up to the Big Day


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