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Being a mum to five children I have definitely had my fair share of prams, always in search of the “perfect” pram that can withstand everyday life as well as doing what our family enjoys the most which is being outdoors.

When I have searched for prams before in the past I have often seen what I perceive to be the pram for us but there is always something which makes the pram not suitable for us as a family and even one thing can be the reason why I’m put off.

  • The basket size is always a high priority for me as I have five children’s water bottles that need to fit underneath in the parcel tray and very often two large lunch boxes.
  • The sun hood/canopy needs to be large enough to cover the sun’s glare in my childs eyes, as living in Gibraltar this is a big must for me as none of my children like to keep sunglasses on preferring them as a toy; with the summers full of sunshine this is a high priority for me.
  • I prefer a recline strap as this allows me to choose the right recline depending on their age and what we are doing. I find it really useful when my little is one is napping and has a cold as this allows me to put him in a more upright position rather than lie flat so he is more comfortable but also I can control the best recline hight for him to be at.
  • All terrain now this is a big must for me, I need a pram which is robust which can handle outdoor adventures in wooded areas, sand for our beach days and snow for when we go to Sierra Nevada.

So….What pram do I have?

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle 2012

The Urban Jungle I have is 6 years old and there has been some changes to the now newer Urban Jungle including a new fast fold and adjustable leg support but from what I have read online both old and new can hold a maximum weight load of 25kg/55lbs and from what I can tell all the other features of the pram are the same other than the 2 things I have mentioned above (there could be more features that I’m not aware of).

From experience its definitely worth doing your research when buying a pram and really thinking about the things you enjoy doing as a family as maybe basket size isn’t something that would bother you if you have a smaller family or if you don’t enjoy the countryside then maybe an all terrain isn’t something big on your pram list and is something you could live without.

For us as a family of seven the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle all terrain is the perfect all round pushchair for our lifestyle.
It features a large basket, recline strap, large sun hood and can be pushed easily over the roughest of terrain, even by me.
Oliver my four-year old can also sit in the seat and rest his legs whilst Jasper is in a sling or having a little walk as he is still within the weight limit and fits comfortably in the seat with plenty of space from the top of his head to the sun canopy.
The large basket can easily hold five children’s water bottles and two lunch boxes making days out easier without having to make the children responsible for remembering not to put down their water bottles in fear of them leaving them somewhere.
The hood/sun canopy which has an extra flip down sun visor offers the perfect coverage from the sun especially for their eyes and even when the seat is fully reclined for those needed nap times the hood/sun canopy still offers plenty of coverage from the sun.

Something I haven’t mentioned is the rain/storm cover which has a very handy front opening zip for those times that you’ve come from outdoors to where its partially warmer indoors, so instead of having to take the whole cover off and risk waking your sleeping child, which we all know is one of those moments we all dread, you can just unzip the front panel allowing more of an airflow and not risking overheating.
The rain/storm cover is very durable and hard-wearing made to protect from rain, wind and snow;
I have never had any issues with it tearing and is very easy to pop over the pram when the heavens decide to open and you definitely don’t need a degree as there is nothing fiddly about this cover.

You can also purchase separately quite a few accessories for this pram including a winter ski ☃…..
How cool is that!
I’ve had my eye on the Free Rider board as Oliver can still get quite tired on full days out, now I can’t tell you how I find this board as I haven’t got one but it looks amazing, if you haven’t heard of it before it’s a scooter that can be used on its own by your child but then when they get tired or your somewhere  that is unsafe for them to be scooting freely on their own you can attach it to the buggy (universal adapter is included) making it a buggy board.
Currently Oliver takes his Miroscooter on long days out but it always ends on him standing on it and me pulling it along with one hand and pushing the pram with the other hand, which goes to show you how easy this pram is to manoeuvre with one hand.

As a family of seven this is the one pram that I have found that ticks all of the boxes for our lifestyle.

I’ve included the website above incase you wanted to have a look at some of the products Mountain Buggy have to offer.




Thanks for reading x

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