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Being a busy stay at home mum to 5 boys I often feel a lot of my time in the day is taken up with cleaning up the mess that goes hand in hand with having children.

Recently I have started watching Speed Cleaning | Power Hour videos on YouTube which is where you dedicate an hour in your day to run around the house and try to get as much as you can get done before the hour is up, there are so many videos on YouTube with each one giving their own tips on the best ways to achieve the best speed cleaning results. 
Speed cleaning is about getting the job done, it is not meant to be a deep clean it’s about picking up, wiping down surfaces and doing just a general pick up/clean up around the house. 
From a few videos I have watched some people also use the ‘Power Hour’ to dedicate time to cleaning a certain room in the house that needs more of a thorough deep clean like cleaning the bedroom and cleaning under the bed or going more in-depth in the kitchen like wiping down the inside of cupboards.

For the past week I have been doing a Speed Cleaning | Power Hour everyday,  I have had so much fun in setting my timer on my phone, putting on some music and trying to get as much done around the house as possible; its very satisfying seeing how much I can get done in only an hour and I find its more of a challenge plus its a great work out!

This last week I have found a few things that have helped me get as much done with my time as possible, these being……
Music is something I find is the best way to get moving and get as much done as possible the more upbeat the music the better; I always find this gets me in the right mood to get the job done.
A timer so you know when the time is up. My phone has a timer on it so I use that but you could always use an alarm clock or something similar as long as you can time an hour it will work, its surprising how much you can get done in such a short amount of time.
Comfortable clothes for me is a must, being a mum I find I use the ‘speed clean’ as a work out at the same time (result!) and don’t find it’s as comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans and a jumper. You will need to work fast so will end up working up a sweat, best to be comfortable when doing so.
Multi-purpose cleaning products I have defiantly found a lot easier than loads of different products for different rooms. A multi-purpose cleaner which can be used in the kitchen, living-room and bathroom makes cleaning quicker as I’m not having to search for the right product and it means I have a product that can be used in every room.
A plan in my head, if I know that the most mess and picking up needs to be done in the living room I will tackle this room before maybe doing the bathroom which is in somewhat of a cleaner state.
Having an ironing basket with me so when going from room to room I can put whatever doesn’t belong in that room in the basket so it saves time running around the house putting things in the correct room, i can then empty the basket when i get to the room the item(s) belong in.

The Speed Clean | Power Hour is defiantly something that works really well in my house, it means I’m not always cleaning and is easily done on an evening once the children are in bed meaning all of us are not having to stay in whilst I run around and clean while tiny humans mess up the room I’ve already sorted and its only an hour in the evening (headphones for music are a must if children are sleeping).
Once a week I also strip the beds and put fresh bed linen on and do a more “deeper” clean of the house but again this is achieved really quickly because I’ve been able so keep on top of the basic cleaning throughout the week.

If you haven’t tried Speed Cleaning | Power Hour you should defiantly check out YouTube for some great tips and give it a go yourself.

~Thanks for reading x~

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