TIBA + MARL changing bag

I’m constantly getting comments on my changing bag and being asked what brand it is, so I thought that now is a good time to sit down and write a post on what brand my bag is and what I carry around within it on a day-to-day basis for five boys and myself.

Having five children I have been through a fair few changing bags and have struggled fitting everything I need for a full day out with the children whilst also being hands free to be able to run around after them especially whilst at the park, so for me I find this to be possibly one of the best bags currently on the market.

My changing bag is the TIBA + MARL MILLER backpack and what a gorgeous bag it is, making the carrying around of baby products a luxurious affair.
When the children get older and im no longer having to carry around products for snotty noses, sticky fingers and toys to entertain this bag is the perfect size for gym items, work or traveling.

TIBA + MARL MILLER backpack made from faux leather with gun-metal hardware, is lightweight but yet large enough to fit everything I need for a day out with the children.
It features padded straps so wearing the bag all day isn’t a problem; with its unisex design and adjustable straps the bag can be easily handed over to partners, grandparents or childcare providers without having to change things over to another bag which is always a bonus, as with children time is always of an essence.
The bag comes complete with a generally sized luxury and very padded changing mat which my 16 month old still has plenty of room lying on whilst having those all important bum changes and also a wet clutch for those wet bibs but can also be used as a cross body bag which has a detachable long strap making it possible to pop my purse and a few mummy essentials in for those unexpected times where i leave little one with someone else to run errands.

The TIBA + MARL Miller is so spacious I haven’t needed to carry my own bag on days out and have been able to fit all my mummy essentials, my toddlers essentials and a few items for the older boys within the backpack making life so much easier and completely hands free.
I don’t class myself as a overpacker, but I am one of those mum’s who carries things around with them for “those just incase” moments when it comes to taking things out for my little ones; and I pack for almost every occasion be it playgroup, park or a lunch date with friends.

So not forgetting im a “just incase mummy”, even though I feel the things I carry around with me could possibly have a purpose one day let me get into what I take out with me for a day with a toddler, a pre-schooler and 3 in full-time school.

The main larger compartment contains

  • TIBA + MARL changing mat
  • 4 Nappies
  • Burt’s Bees diaper ointment (nappy rash cream)
  • Dove baby wipes
  • Boots flexible silicone bib
  • A little bag full of stamps and colouring pencils
  • 2 small colouring books
  • A book for my toddler
  • A wooden car activity toy for my toddler
  • A small doll (my toddler loves dolls and this one smells amazing)
  • Dettol anti-bacterial surface wipes (to wipe down restaurant high-chairs)
  • My diary
  • Mints
  • Mini first aid kit
  • Camera
  • A portable battery charger with cable
  • My purse
  • A complete set of change of clothes for my toddler
  • Sippy cup

The front smaller pocket contains

  • A pure fruit Yo Yo’s bear with only one left in the packet
  • Pokémon and Lego Ninjago trading cards
  • Kinder chocolate bars
  • Organix Goodies soft oats bar
  • A Smint mints tin with no mints in but comes in handy as a toy
  • 5 Lip products
  • Small flip hairbrush
  • A pen
  • Bonjela
  • Lens wipe
  • 2 EasyJet sick bags and a single zippy bag
  • Happyplugs headphones

The side pockets contain (there is one on either side)

  • Foam hand sanitiser
  • A handful of nappy bags
  • Hand cream

Whilst traveling I have also been able to fit my MacBook 12-inch in the inside back pocket with the changing mat as well as extra traveling items such as passports and flight details.

You can purchase TIBA + MARL changing bags direct from their website or mine was purchased from in-store at Mamas and Papas.
I’ve popped two links below just incase you are interested at having a look at the selection of different changing bags that TIBA + MARL offer.

Thanks for reading x

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