Top tips for saving money on your shopping bill

I’m always looking for ways to save money because as much as I don’t like it money is a big part of everyday life.
Being a family of seven means a good portion of my husbands monthly wage goes on food shopping and there is no way around it, but there is a few ways that I have found helps cut down on how much we spend on our food shop.

Heres a few things I have been trying recently to cut down on our bill

  • Meal Planning for two weeks of meals.
  • Looking at what ive already got in my cupboards before going to the supermarket as to not over buy on food which I already have.
  • Shopping around in different supermarkets to find the best prices.
  • Buying store own brands like cleaning products, toilet paper, rice, baked beans ect…
  • Writing a shopping list so I’m not impulse buying.
  • Looking for special offers in store.
  • Looking at price per Kg against pre-packaged for example apples or bananas if bought singly can be cheaper than buying already packaged.
  • Shopping weekly rather than monthly.
  • Trying to buy/remember everything I need for a weeks shop to avoid going back to the supermarket during the week.
  • Paying with cash, as this makes me stick to a budget.

Whilst walking around the supermarket I have also noticed a few other money-saving tips

  • Ketchup and mayonnaise is more expensive when opting for the squeeze bottle over glass bottles.
  • Buying mini packets of raisins, Nuts and Cereal is more expensive than buying the bigger packets, and then separating it into small tupperware.
  • Branded products like paracetamol, infant Panadol and plasters is double if not more the price than unbranded supermarket own brands.
  • Washing powder and softener is another thing recently that ive noticed, whilst shopping there were two washing powders on offer one was 22 washes for £4 and the other was 65 washes for £8 so in the long run buying the 65 washes will save money from next weeks shop and possibly the shop after.
  • If bread is on offer get a few loaves to freeze this also goes for meat, but always check with guidelines how long after freezing it must be consumed.
  • Fruit is another one which can be bought and frozen which comes in handy for smoothies.
  • Shop for fruits which are in season.

Another thing to consider when saving money in the long run is Christmas saving stamps which you can purchase for £1 and go collecting through out the year. Most supermarkets offer different advantages when you have purchased a certain amount of stamps for example once you reach £49 you get a free £1 stamp and a further 2 free £1 stamps when you reach £98.
In the long run you aren’t saving and awful lot of money but if done over the year just adding £2 onto your shopping bill some weeks will give you £100 to spend towards your Christmas food shopping.

I’ve recently been using the Change4Life Smart Recipes app which is available from your iPhone App Store, and let me tell you as a mum to 5 boys under the age of 11 years old it is one amazing app, I find it really helpful when it comes to meal planning and making sure as a family we are eating as healthily as possible.
With over 160 recipes to choose from, shopping list, Hints and Tips, Favourite meals and also a meal mixer which helps plan great tasting recipes for the day.



Once again thank you for reading x

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