Wood Sage & Sea Salt- A New Love Of Mine

Jo Malone London For a while I was wondering why I was seeing this name everywhere and what was so special about this brand that everyone seems to have their cologne.

I’ve never been the type of girl who is a lover of perfume, I could never find one that wasn’t too over powering ending up with me having the worst headache known to mankind coupled with always having a small child attached to my hip most of the time, I didn’t like smelling my overpowering perfume on the side of their face from where they have tried to bury themselves into the side of my neck for those sleepy cuddles.

That is until I found Jo Malone Wood Sea & Sea Salt Cologne.

Most days I would walk past the window seeing the Jo Malone counter at my local Perfume shop with all the candles and cologne’s looking beautiful and very perfectly placed, always people standing having a look at all the different fragrances there is to offer.
Eventually I gave up on my curiosity and decided to become one of those people stood, smelling all the cologne’s they have to offer and im so pleased I did.

I can’t even describe the feeling of euphoria whilst smelling so many of the cologne’s but the one that really stood out to me was Wood Sea & Sea Salt, it reminds me of those cold, wet winter walks along a pebble beach; the sea air mixed with a breezed smell of wooded land nearby.
Don’t be fooled by my description though as this is what im smelling due it being winter I have also worn it on warmer days and due to its light, fruity, wooded smell (its kind of hard describing a smell) it wears well on those warmer summer days as its unquestionably far from being overpowering.

A 30ml bottle on the Jo Malone website costs £45 so is slightly on the pricey side but its fragrance is long-lasting, although the smell does ease off throughout the day you can still smell some of its warm fragrance come the end of the day.
All you need is the tiniest of sprays, I find just one spray on either side of my neck and rubbing my wrists over the area is enough for me meaning the bottle lasts so much longer.

This is the perfect mummy gift bought as a treat by yourself or by someone else, however I would advise if buying for someone else you ask the person whom you’re buying it for to come with you as there is so many fragrances to choose from you want to be sure its the correct one for them.
This is also the perfect pick me up for those mornings where you feel less than human and more like a mombie from being up countless amount of times in the night, your guaranteed to find a fragrance you love; it’s also the ideal size to pop in your changing bag for those quick freshen ups from a morning or afternoon of chasing a child and let’s not forget those nights where we can go “out, out” after a few hours of busting our dance moves as it fits perfectly in a clutch bag.

Have you got a Jo Malone cologne, which one is your favourite?

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