Being a parent can be so hard

Having a big family is amazing, watching the boys play and interact with each other completely melts my heart.
I love watching them grow and show their personalities but being a parent can sometimes be so bloody hard.

One thing I have come to realise when announcing your pregnant is friends, family even strangers like to give advice the OMG kind of advice, which makes you think is this really going to be my new reality on how I’m not going sleep properly for the next X amount of years, the constant nappy changes as babies can really poop, the never-ending washing pile and the list can go on and on as people feel they are helping by telling you what to expect, and in some ways the advice people offer can be very helpful.
However what I’ve found people don’t tell you is how over the years you can sometimes find you can lose yourself (nobody told me anyhow), I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a stay-at-home mum and some days I don’t even speak to another adult or if its something everyone goes through even working mum’s.
Over the last few months though I have found I’ve been falling into this downward spiral of being somewhat of a robot, working on autopilot just to be able to get through the day without turning into a blubbering mess but its hard, its hard waking up thinking I’m so excited to be putting another load of washing on today and its fine that the kids have just messed up the living room again because I can just clean it again for possibly the 10th time that day whilst only having a conversation with a small toddler within the day is hard going.
It’s bloody Hard going in fact!!

Social media can sometimes be our worst enemy, everyone is always smiling and everything is always very bright and sparkly but that’s not always the case some people are just very good at hiding behind the smile and in reality they are having a really hard time but times change and what seems like hard work today can be a walk in the park tomorrow, and others aren’t having a hard time and the photos you’re looking at are real and thats why everything looks so bright and sparkly and the other possibility is they have really good filters but nobody would know from a photo unless its spoken about.
I for one don’t always have my shit together and most days I wonder how I’m going to get through the next hour let alone the rest of the day so if you are feeling the same you can rest assured your defiantly not the only one.

I have found Playgroups help with talking to other adults in the day and if it wasn’t for playgroups and being able to interact and speak with other mum’s and dads I’m not sure how I would be able to get through every day without becoming somewhat of a crazed person (I’m pretty sure im close though).
I have made some really good friends through playgroups and its nice knowing that sometimes the way you are feeling is completely normal as they are feeling the same way; If you’ve never been to a playgroup before they can seem like a scary and a very daunting place but trust me everyone going is going for the same reasons whatever those reasons may be.
Also I have found helps is….
Finding something you enjoy doing which is only for you where you’re not Mummy or wife and do it at least once a week even if its going out for a walk, meeting up with friends, going to a fitness class or whatever it might be as sometimes a few hours to yourself can make a whole lot of difference to your week and it also gives you something to look forward to no matter what you choose to do.
Taking time to paint your nails and put on a little bit of makeup as this is something that can be uplifting even if you don’t wear makeup just a little bit of lip gloss can make all the difference.
Dancing this is probably my go to most uplifting thing to do, I love dancing there’s something about putting on your favourite song and dancing around your living room plus….
“When you start moving your body and brain starts to realise endorphins -pleasure chemicals- in response to your body’s heightened motor activity. Dancing is a great way to keep your body and your brain on its toes as you move in time to the music to get these endorphins flowing.”
But most importantly be kind to yourself, close your eyes take a few deep breaths and don’t forget you are the most perfect person in your childs eyes.

Now if you’re having one of those days put YouTube on and stick a bit of Sclub 7 “bring it all back” on and have a good dance I promise you’ll feel so much better (doesn’t have to be Sclub 7)

Thanks for reading x


Not sure how many times it took me to capture this photo

This is just too cute not to add

Again this took a while and a few hits to the camera with balls

Kallum didn’t want to smile and Jasper kept getting distracted



Oliver got given the wrong juice cup

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