My morning just winging it!

Motherhood in general I find to be a juggling act if I’m not running around in the morning getting the 5 boys ready to do the school run im running on the school run paired with that and the many to do’s on my long list of things that need to be done, im totally just winging it.
You would think having five children I would be a pro, know exactly what I’m doing and have everything figured out but in all honesty I don’t and i just wing my way through each day.
I should know by now that its very important that my 3-year-old Oliver has his yellow breakfast bowl in the morning because if not he acts like I have completely ruined his day but some mornings it just slips my mind; I mean how could he possibly eat out of the blue bowl its Owain’s!  Instagram and Facebook is another thing I wing on a daily basis…. Who would have thought trying to capture a good picture of your child could be so hard? Normally I would have given up by now but I’m determined to capture great pictures of the children but trying to explain to them to just smile, slow down and look at me is proving really difficult.

These last few weeks I have found to be practically hard though, trying to get back into the school routine and making sure that everything that needs to be done the night before is done ready for school the next day is somewhat a mission in my house.
The early mornings are proving to be the hardest by far. Trying to muster up enough motivation to get out of bed and start getting myself ready so I don’t have a one year old on one hip and four other boys asking 101 questions whilst trying to make myself look semi human is a challenge.
When and if I’ve managed to motivate myself to get ready before the boys wake up I feel like I have achieved at least one thing, if that’s the only thing that I have managed to achieve that day, then depending on how the boys react to my greatest hit  ‘The morning song’
(“Good Morning,
Good Morning,
Oh the sun is bright,
Good Morning,
Good Morning to you and you and you!”)
which I must admit I sing every morning without fail I can generally predict what the day is going to entail for each child and who is about to get out of bed on the wrong side. Generally its Josh who gets out of bed on the wrong side telling me to stop singing as in my opinion he is practicing to be a teenager not that he agrees.
After the wakeup’s have all been dealt with I’m then tasked with breakfast and remembering the correct colour bowls and cups for each child Josh is Green, Owain is Blue, Kallum is Red, Oliver is Yellow and Jasper has whatever colour bowl is available (bless him I will give him a colour).
Getting 2 out of 5 boys school clothes on (Josh and Owain dress themselves and Jasper is a bit too small to have mastered the art of getting himself dressed just yet) can be somewhat of a bargaining mission, Kallum and Oliver can get dressed on their own but somehow manage to put their trousers on back to front and jumpers on inside out so  then the bargaining starts and generally ends in me begging them to let me sort out their clothes so they don’t turn up to school back to front.  Jasper is a whole different ball game when it comes to getting dressed, since finding his feet he refuses to stand or lie still for pretty much anything so getting him dressed ends in him 9 times out of 10 screaming the whole house down.
Teeth brushing is up next and the only two fussing with this is Oliver and Jasper, Oliver screams as if I’m killing him and Jasper is just too busy trying to “run” away to allow me to brush the few teeth he has.
“The Missing Shoe” this is always the part of the morning that I absolutely love!  I step out of my “Mummy Shoes” and step into my main role of the morning as a “Detective” solving the case of  “The missing shoe”. Is anyone elses child the same? Mine just seem to lose a shoe every morning without fail and it’s always just as we are about to walk out of the door…..hence the main reason I’m always running on the school run.

So there you have it my complete morning before I’ve even done the school run of complete winging it.

I find myself on most days wondering if it’s just me winging it or if there is a secret group that I’ve not found yet.
Being a parent can sometimes be so hard and exhausting that you feel you have no energy for yourself let alone your partner, feeling like everyone else has it all sussed out and you’re the only one not knowing where you have gone wrong.
If you are feeling like this let me tell you, you’re not alone I have days that the thought of facing another day of tantrums and sassy back-chat is the last thing I want to do, but as a mum I remind myself I have to pull my big girl pants up (boxers if you’re a dad) and just wing it through the day as to your child there is no-one more perfect than you!

Two out of five boys looking at the camera, not bad its improving 🙂

Not even Daddy has mastered “just look at the camera” 🙂

Thanks for reading x

5 thoughts on “My morning just winging it!

  1. Oh boy. I have just two boys and I remember the days when I felt like I was winging it too. My boys are now 13 and 8 and are pretty good at taking care of themselves in a morning, apart from breakfast of course. I nag, I play “detective” (even now!), and I do packed lunches when necessary. I still feel like I’m winging it some mornings!
    But I tell you what, in the past month I’ve been getting up extra early to go for a 30 minute walk/run. I get in my exercise before the others arise and I feel amazing for it. It starts my day in a good way (I listen to some great podcasts while running) and I feel like I’ve achieved something good.
    It *does* get easier as they get older, you just spend a lot of time nagging rather than running around the house after them! 🙂

  2. I think I should stop moaning about getting two ready in the morning.

    Speaking of which, I should probably go and do that.

  3. “Oliver screams as if I’m killing him” – lol!
    I’ve just been thinking about making a nightly routine so our mornings can start a little smoother. My youngest two want to eat as soon as they wake which wouldn’t be a big deal except that I’m getting up at the same time as them right now (pregnancy fatigue!!) and I don’t function super well upon waking… I’ve been thinking I could at least get all the breakfast stuff out the night before. 😛

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