What I do the night before a school day

The Easter holidays are over and the back to school routine starts again.

My children go back to school tomorrow so I thought I would share with you the things I do the night before which makes my mornings so much easier.
I always dread the first week back at school as trying to get back into a routine of getting up in the morning can be somewhat stressful; making sure the children are in bed at seven so they aren’t grumpy in the morning and making sure we are all out the door in time to do the 15 minute walk to school.
I have found though there is a few things that can be done the night before in order for the morning to run more smoothly and to help that mad dash out of the door a little less stressful.

Getting the clothes ready the night before – is definitely a life saver for me.
I get everyone’s school clothes plus what Jasper and myself are wearing for the next day all together and in a pile.
Now I’m not one to stand for hours and iron clothes, however it has crossed my mind on numerous occasions that it might be easier doing it that way but instead I iron as I go, so the night before I stand and iron all of our clothes leaving them on the ironing board in separate piles for each child along with pants and socks so in the morning they can go to their pile and get dressed, this means I’m not having to rush in the morning trying to get everything ready.

Lunch – I don’t have time to do five children’s lunch in the morning so this is something that also gets done the night before and put in their individual lunch boxes and popped in the fridge ready to just grab in the morning and put into their satchels.
Even though Oliver still finishes school at 12 as he is in pre-school and Jasper is with me I still find it easier knowing their lunch is done, that way if we decide to go into town or to a friend’s house they already have their lunch and im not worrying about having to buy them something whilst out.

Coats and bags  are all gathered up and placed by the door the night before this way im not faced with a last-minute dash of finding someones missing coat or a satchel which has gone walk about’s that nobody has seen.
I also go through Jaspers/my changing bag making sure I have enough nappies for the next day and everything I need is in there.
*If you would like to read what I take with me in my changing bag I’ve added a link which you can find at the bottom of the page*

I shower the night before – this for me is a must, I don’t have the time or the energy first thing in the morning to be trying to shower whilst having a 101 questions asked the other side of the shower curtain.
I blow dry my hair before getting into bed so in the morning all I need to do is either put it up in a “mum bun” or straighten it making life so much easier and allows me to at least get a hot cup of tea in the morning.
I’m also a big fan of dry shampoo it definitely works miracles for those times I don’t wash my hair the night before but it needs a quick freshen up in the morning; not only does it leave your hair smelling great it also adds some body and volume so if you haven’t tried it before I would definitely invest in some.

A quick tidy up – I always try to do at least a quick run around and pick up before I get into bed, putting away anything that shouldn’t be on the sides or floor making sure the house is in some sort of order for the morning chaos.

All the things I do above always gets done as soon as the children are in bed and its surprising as to how fast it can get done rather than doing it in the morning as for some reason it takes double the time and so much more effort than doing it the night before.

What do you do the night before a school day that makes your morning easier?
Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions

*The photo is from their first day at school in September, I wish the weather was this nice at the moment*

3 thoughts on “What I do the night before a school day

  1. I always do the weeks iron on Sunday evenings……. School uniforms, p.e, truck suits hubby’s uniform i don’t have a uniform which makes it a bit of a nightmare so I make sure I iron a couple of shirts and trousers too.It does take me a while ironing but for me it is easier to just do it one night rather than every night……. I also leave lunch ready the night before (5 lunches.) and their tuck on the kitchen worktop too. I leave the house fairy early so I need to be organised.
    Love reading your stories xx

  2. Ur most definitely organised….Saturday was the first day I actually stood and ironed my three kids clothing…..usually I iron as I go along but now with baby number 3…I’m finding it difficult to iron in the morning….definitely something to try incase it works for you. Lunches I still manage most mornings and a quick tidy up too. Xx

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