Hiya I’m Kathleen a mum of five children, living in Gibraltar with my husband Paul and our five boys Josh, Owain, Kallum, Oliver and the youngest Jasper.

Here on my blog you can expect to read all about parenting, lifestyle, tips and fashion (not that I’m an expert in any means but want to share with you what I would find useful myself).
You will also find my ramblings of me wanting to remember certain things in life that could easily be forgotten if I didn’t write them down.

You will see a lot of photos of the Children, Paul and myself as without photos most things we do in our day-to-day lives would go unremembered but by just taking a few seconds to sit for a photo or be the one to take the photo means I (we) will have a lifetime of memories that won’t be forgotten as sometimes the day-to-day going on’s are the ones we don’t want to forget.

Recently I’ve been getting into photography and have been loving taking photos; I have always been really passionate about taking photos and capturing the children and us growing as a family.

Fashion is another thing I’m into and always have been in a sense, dating back to trying to copy the spice girls (I dress completely different now, just incase you were thinking….OH DEAR!)
I thought they were very fashionable back then…who didn’t?!
Now I’m preferring a more modern vintage retro fashion, I could have possibly just made that whole fashion name up so don’t quote me if you don’t find it in any fashion magazines but I’m hoping you get my drift from the name as to my go to preferred look.

Coffee- I had to add it to ‘what I’m into’ as I’m very much into a good coffee, like every morning and possibly 2 in the afternoon maybe more depending on…well…the day.

Traveling + day trips to new places is something we all enjoy doing; Paul and myself are so lucky the boys are good travellers (good job since there’s five of them) making exploring new places really easy for us to do, so keep a look out for our travel/day out blogs.

Something we have all been wanting to do is a YouTube channel so we decided to just start one, I would be lying if I said it was completely nerve-racking but we are enjoying making content for our channel.
Woodland Walks, Lazy Beach Days and Days out in general are just a few other things we enjoy doing as a family.

Thankyou to everyone who takes time to read my blog and who subscribes to my email list in order to receive notification emails on new posts, it means so much to me to be able to share my journey of MOTHERHOOD with you x