Jasper is a year old!

OMG!!!   Jasper is a year old, no longer is he classed as a baby but he is now officially a toddler. This past year has gone by so quickly I can’t seem to quite get my head around where the year has gone, and knowing this year will probably pass just as quickly is frankly a scary thought.

At a year old Jasper is meeting all his milestones and is a very gorgeous cheeky little boy full of smiles.

I’m very lucky Jasper is still a great sleeper and goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps straight through until 6.30am. He is still having 2 naps a day however some mornings he won’t settle until a lot later on in the morning, so I don’t think it will be long until he probably drops this nap and has one long nap after lunch.
We defiantly don’t have any problems with his appetite he has three meals a day plus snacks and will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him. At the moment Jasper is still having 3 bottles a day of formula but we are going to start the transition to cows milk over the next few weeks.
Jasper is now preferring to walk rather than crawl, when he falls over he is able to stand himself up and walk rather than just crawl which is what he was doing up to last week. His personality has defiantly started to come through the last few weeks with him being quite a cheeky little chappy, which his brothers find very amusing. He is also able to understand basic words like “No”, “Bye” ,”Hello” ,”Come here” and quite a few more and its really nice to see the recognition on his face that he understands what I’m saying.

For Jaspers 1st Birthday we decided to spend the day at Biopark Zoo Fuengirola (Spain) its only the second time he has been to a zoo the first time being London Zoo, he really enjoyed seeing all the animals and being able to walk around a little also the children’s park they have inside the zoo was really nice and great for all the boys to enjoy.
On the way back to Gibraltar we stopped off at the Hollywood restaurant Marbella for dinner and a slice of chocolate cake with a candle so we were able to sing Happy Birthday for the second time that day.

All in all, Jasper had an amazing 1st Birthday!!

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