Things to do this Autumn 🍂

I find this time of year brings endless amounts of things to do as a family, the weather isn’t to cold that you have to wrap up to the point that you feel like you should be living in the north pole but its cold enough that you can pop on your favourite comfortable jumper, jeans and your winter boots and get out doors and enjoy walks in the woods and sipping on hot chocolate in the evenings.
I’ve scrolled endlessly through Pinterest looking for recipes and crafts, for ideas on things that we can do as a family this Autumn and thought I would share them with you just incase you are struggling with finding things to do this Autumn.

Here is what I’ve come up with….

1. Make a wind catcher with pinecones

2. Do a leaf collection picture

3. Make tea light holders out of food jars

4. Have toasted Marshmallows

5. Make salted caramel hot chocolate

6. Make apple scones with cinnamon glaze

7. Do pine cone hedgehogs

8. Make Terry’s chocolate orange cookies

9. Make slow cooker cranberry apple cider

10. Take the boys to the woods to search for the Gruffalo

11. Watch Hocus Pocus with the older boys

12. Go to a bonfire night

13. Make slime

14. Bake Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

15. Carve a pumpkin as a family

16. Take the boys to a Hallowe’en party

17. Pass the camera around so we can all capture memories

18. Go out as a family in the evening for hot chocolate and marshmallows

19. Watch Pooh’s Heffalump Hallowe’en movie with the younger boys

20. Make Hallowe’en decorations with the boys

I hope the things i have managed to find has given you some ideas on what you can do with your family this Autumn.
I have got most of the ideas from Pinterest and have pinned the recipes and crafts to my board just incase you fancy having a go at anything I have mentioned above.

Thanks for reading x

1 thought on “Things to do this Autumn 🍂

  1. Thanks for this round up! I love idea of collecting leaves to make a picture – I’m going to try that with my six year old. 🙂 And apple scones with cinnamon glaze signed amazing!!

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