July Favourites

I don’t know how we are already in July! This month is going to be a busy one, with myself and the children going back to the UK for 6 weeks meaning there is a lots of packing,
organising the house and making sure we have everything we will need for traveling.
This month so far there has been a few items I’ve been loving, not all of them are new and I have had them for a while but thought I would still share them with you.

Makeup Products
Bobbi Brown Crushed lipstick in shade Sazan Nude; the colour is gorgeous it’s almost like a pinky brown and when applied once it’s just a touch of colour but if applied twice or more on top of the initial coat you can build up the intensity of the colour meaning its a great daytime to nighttime lippie.
The other amazing thing about is it feels just like a lip balm so doesn’t dry out your lips either.

Benefit boi-ing concealer – okay I’m a mum and sleep in my house seems to be massively  overrated, I’m also not a teenager god I’m not even in my 20’s any more so I do have quite a few fine lines in my eye area and… I’m not going to lie I don’t even have under eye bags anymore they closely represent suitcases under my eyes. Now I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but I’ve found most concealers after a few hours seem to fill those fine lines and I seem to have a fine line of concealer that I would have to remember to rub in, I’m not sure if it’s because I wear glasses so it kinda magnifies my eye area or maybe its my skin type, who knows!? What I do know though is I can’t sing my praises enough for the boi-ing concealer from benefit, let me try to explain as best I can… so around the edge is a clear moisturising balm and the concealer is in the middle, when applying under eye the concealer mixes with the balm and then I just use my finger to pat it into the skin, honestly its amazing my fine lines are barely noticeable even with glasses on and I don’t need to remember to rub it in throughout the day as it doesn’t seem to end up in any of my fine lines and the best bit is I don’t have any suitcases under my eyes, it actually looks like I’ve had enough sleep.

Avarcas, if you follow me over on Instagram you’ll have seen in most of my photos I’m wearing these sandals and there is a good reason why! They are super comfy and great when I suddenly need to get a sprint on after one of the boys due to them having a sling back. They also go with everything jeans, skirts, shorts you name it they go with it.

I can’t leave out my Daniel Wellington watch, I’ve had it for a while nearly 2 years to be exact but its by far my favourite watch its elegant and even though the leather on the strap is worn in colour I think it just adds to the look but if I wanted I could change the strap to one of the few other straps they offer but I quite like the worn look at the moment.
I have the classic St. Mawes with Silver detail.

Sunkissed self tan mousse in medium (I picked this up from Morrisons), it was really inexpensive and gives a lovely bronzed streak free self-tan. I have been to the beach quite a few times over the last couple of weeks so im not needing to apply fake-tan at the moment (im seriously white when I haven’t been in the sun) but thought I would mention it for anyone that is wanting a summer glow and is like my Mum who doesn’t seem to tan.

I’ve written a review on the Jo Malone cologne and im still using it so felt that I couldn’t not mention it in my July favourites, it’s the perfect smell for the summer without being to heavy and overpowering, if you fancy having a read click on the link which will take you directly to my review.

The last thing I’m loving this month and has been a permanent feature since last month is my Fjällräven Kånken classic backpack, now don’t get me wrong im still very much in love with my TIBA & MARL but wanted something a little lighter for the summer and when I’m in the UK something a 12-year-old boy doesn’t mind carrying also and this ticks all the boxes. The lightweight Vinylon F fabric is really hard-wearing, water-resistant and has plenty of room to carry around all the essentials I need for the boys.


So guys that’s it, that’s my monthly favourites for the month of July! Hope you enjoyed reading this and I’m considering making this a monthly post, so if you enjoyed it please pop back next month for my August Favourites x

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  1. I so need that tanning mousse – my legs have been out for the best part of a month now but they’re still not tanning. Maybe because I wipe the excess factor 50 suncream from my babies on them 🙂

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