September Resolutions

August is nearly over and before we know it we will be in September, the start of autumn when children go back to school, students carry on their studies, teachers go back to work and the summer holidays are officially over.

Every year I make New Years resolutions as soon as the bells chime to mark a brand new year I quickly say to myself what changes I’m going to make and what I would like to achieve, however being a mum to 5 I’ve realised that maybe I should be making those resolutions earlier on in the year, 3 months earlier to be exact.
Why, you might ask?
Personally I think September is the perfect time to try to achieve different things while the evenings are still light and the weather is still mild enough, as these two things together really uplift your mood meaning you are more than likely to achieve your chosen goals. If you are a parent, teacher, student or maybe you have just had a long summer holiday doing your resolutions earlier can really help you focus on the next few months before the run up to the next period of holidays being Christmas.

So without further ado here are my September Resolutions

De-clutter is the one thing I really want to achieve. Every 6 months or so I’ll have an urge to de-clutter the house and either through out or donate to charity things that are no longer needed, but we are not just talking about 1 bin liner I can fill several bin liners so my goal is do de-clutter more often so the bin liners become a carrier bag making the house have less clutter and also it would make the trip easier to take the donated stuff to the charity shop.

Be more minimal: Our clothes draws are bursting at the seams with items that have only been worn a handful of times and ended up at the bottom of the draw and forgotten about. Every year I say to myself im not going to over-buy but somehow I always end up with draws that I can’t close properly and because of this im going to be stricter with myself when purchasing our winter wardrobe. So this year im only going to buy the children what they would need to see them through a weeks worth of clothes,
I’m also going to do the same for myself as im forever saying I don’t have anything to wear, so when the time comes to hit the shops im going to be sure to choose items wisely and make sure the items I do choose will go with a couple of outfits and not just one, ill be doing the same for Paul (not that he knows this yet).

Get fit, drink more water: I’m going to be honest here, im a massive tea addict and generally forget to drink water through out the day and im pretty sure I don’t drink the recommended 2 litres of water a day, because of this im going to start making sure I drink more water and less tea. I’m going to look into buying the Hydratem8 as it seems a really fun and easy way to remind me to drink water (check out there website for a look at their different bottles)
Another thing I want to do is get more fit, im going to start power walking and look into joining possibly a yoga class or some sort of fitness class but I havent looked into anything as of yet.

Plan: A weekly meal plan seems the best place to start, so at the end of every week before going shopping I’m going to plan out the evening meals for that week and also do a shopping list, hopefully this will cut down on the shopping bill and also the indecisiveness when it comes to cooking the evening meal.
I’m also going to do a rough plan for things we can do when Paul is off work and the boys aren’t at school, as I feel some days we miss out on a fun-filled day as we can’t agree on somewhere to go.

So there you have it, my 4 things I want to change or achieve for my September resolutions.
Please leve a comment and let me know what your September Resolutions will be.

Thanks for reading x


3 thoughts on “September Resolutions

  1. Love this! I used to be a teacher, and even though I no longer work in a school my daughter starts school next month so September always feels like the new year to me. Might add a few more resolutions to my list alongside my school run challenge! I think de-cluttering should definitely go on there…!

  2. Love this! I used to be a teacher and even though I don’t work in a school anymore, my daughter is starting school this September. It has always felt like new year to me, more so than January. I might think of some extra resolutions for myself!

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